We speak about what excites and impacts us. Knowing the depth of what Jesus has done on the cross makes us not only want to know Him more, but also for others to know Him as well.

At Gateway, that looks like becoming fluent in the gospel, not in order to win arguments, but so we can better speak the truth of Jesus in love to one another in all areas of our lives.



Just like speaking a foreign language takes practice, so does speaking the gospel fluently. This is exactly what the Apostle Paul says we need when he tells the church to "speak the truth in love" to another. Being able to speak the truth, or "The Gospel", into all of life is critical for our spiritual health - if we're not hearing it, we're likely forgetting it.


We become like what we behold. One-to-One studies are a great way to set your eyes on Christ through God's word as you explore a book of the bible with another. This builds us up in our hope of Jesus as we encourage each other to place our trust more and more in Him alone.


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