To define the basic guidelines for use of Gateway property and facilities by individuals or organizations.



Use of all property and facilities shall be done in accordance and agreement with the Gateway Church of Brawley Constitution and Statement of Faith.



Gateway Church of Brawley facilities and property belong to Jesus Christ and are to be used solely for the purpose of serving Him, ministering to the community, bringing non-beliers to a saving knowledge of Christ, and to disciple believers toward spiritual maturity. To fulfill this commitment Gateway Church of Brawley will make it's facilities and property available to active church members  and non-profit organizations. Use of facilities will require the presence of an active church member who will be responsible for the property during facility use. Use of the property shall only be used for purposes that are in accordance and agreement with the Church Constitution and Statement of Faith. Active church members who use the church facilities and property will be required to follow the established procedures for facility use.



General Guidelines

  1. Use of the facility and/or property shall be consistent with the Statement of Faith and Church Constitution.
  2. Use of the facility and/or property is available only to active church members.
  3. Use of the facility and/or property not available to for-profit business, organizations, enterprises or events or partisan political groups.
  4. Use of the facility and/or property for non-profit or service organizations must be sponsored by an active church member who will also be present at all times when the facilities are in use.
  5. Gateway Church of Brawley scheduled meetings or events will take precedence over all other requests.
  6. All minor children must be supervised at all times.
  7. Smoking and non-prescribed drugs are prohibited in the building.
  8. Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted on church property.
  9. Signs, posters, decorations, etc. cannot be hung on any church walls using nails, screws, or adhesives that will damage the walls.
  10. Collect all garbage into bags and take it outside to the dumpster.
  11. Return all tables, chairs, and other equipment to their proper places after the event.
  12. Return all rooms to their normal use set up.
  13. Vacuum all carpeted areas that were used.
  14. Sweep and mop kitchen floor, if used.
  15. Remove all items associated with the event.
  16. When finished check to ensure all doors are locked, lights turned out, and toilets are not running/overflowing.
  17. Gateway Church of Brawley reserves the right to cancel any event prior to or during that violates church guidelines and/or results in the risk of the health and safety of the people on the church property and/or damage to property.

Kitchen Use

  1. Any groups including catering services are expected to leave the kitchen and it's equipment clean and in place as it was found.
  2. Member or organization will be responsible for table clothes, dishes, etc. Dishes, utensils, and glasses should be cleaned and returned to the appropriate storage before leaving the facility after the event. Table clothes are to be properly cleaned, pressed, and returned within 1 day (members only).
  3. Non-members are responsible for providing linens, utensils, glasses, and dishes, etc.

Equipment Use

  1. Any use of audio/visual equipment requires a member of the worship team and/or facilities manager who will be responsible for the set up and take down after the event ends.*
  2. Audio/visual equipment that is privately or commercially owned may be used at Gateway Church of Brawley facilities, however, Gateway assumes no liability in the use, storage, operation, or security of this equipment.
  3. No furniture (tables, chairs, dishes, table clothes, kitchen appliances, etc.) or equipment belonging to the church may be loaned or removed from the building except for official church functions.
  4. Non-member groups using the facility may use tables, chairs, etc. as their setup requires.

*additional charges may apply (contact for further details)


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Submission of the form is not a guarantee the facility and/or property will be available for use. All requests must be approved in advance of the date requested.